Reading Plans

Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan

Annual Bible reading plans are great. But there are tradeoffs. They can be oppressive for some, and they require a heavy load of reading spread equally across all chapters and books with little time to reflect, pause, connect dots, etc. One may not, at the end of reading the Bible through in a year, emerge with a much better understanding of the 1,189 chapters you just read. The plan provided below takes a different approach meant to complement (not replace) the normal one. It curates the key chapters of the Old Testament that help frame the flow of redemptive history (how God has worked in history to bring about his plan of salvation). Most sections of Old Testament readings include New Testament chapters that shed light on fulfillment in Christ. You can go at your own pace and pause however often you want to dig deeper and reflect on what you are reading. At the end, you will have a solid grounding in the entire message of the Bible, which can then help you revisit those 1,189 chapters afresh.

Book of the Month Reading

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